A Guide to OnChainMonkey: A Community Forged On-Chain

OnChainMonkey NFTs are known for being the first NFT PFP minted on-chain with one transaction, but they also have a highly engaged community and DAO.

NFT Marketplaces are Going Royalty Free. So What’s Next?

NFT royalties — a key feature of NFTs — are being removed by many marketplaces. Now artists are searching for sustainable business models.

A Guide to Wolf Game: High Stakes, High Rewards Blockchain Game

Wolf Game is an innovative on-chain NFT game that is led by a mysterious “Shepherd,” and has shown resilience through the bear market.

What are Nounlets? Own a Noun, Together, with Tessera

Nounlets are an experiment to allow for collective ownership over a single Noun. Each Nounlet will be able to vote on a Noun delegate.

What is an NFT DAO? Here’s How to Get Involved

NFT DAOs empower communities by allowing them to vote on various aspects of the project they hold, and access the community treasury.

NFT Investments: Biggest VC Funding for NFT Projects in 2022

NFT investments worth billions of dollars have been invested in Web3 in 2022, as VCs like a16z aim to expand their crypto portfolio.

What is Gutter Cat Gang? The Membership to the Gang

Gutter Cat Gang has continued to claw its way to blue-chip status after a year of building their community and expanding with Gutter Clones.

PROOF Collective Updates: The Future of Moonbirds and PROOF

PROOF Collective announced new utility and collections for the Moonbirds ecosystem, and plans for 2023. Plus a fundraise led by a16z.

What is Tom Sachs Rocket Factory? A Complete Guide

Tom Sachs Rocket Factory is an NFT project created by contemporary artist Tom Sachs, which has evolved into an out-of-this-world ecosystem.